Gäste 2009

Das meinten die Gäste zum FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2009:


"Ich verabscheue Dummheit, aber in München ist mir ein besonders offenes und gebildetes Publikum begegnet. Deshalb komme ich gerne her. Wir haben uns bei Ihnen sehr wohlgefühlt."
Michael Haneke, Regisseur DAS WEISSE BAND


"It was a pleasure. Thanks for your hospitality."
Stephen Frears, Regisseur (RETROSPEKTIVE 2009, CHÉRI)


"Ich möchte mich sehr herzlich für die wunderbaren Tage in München bedanken, die uns allen unglaublich vielen Spaß gemacht haben. Speziell natürlich die tolle Vorführung und die so herzliche Reaktion des Münchner Publikums!"
Andreas Dresen, Regisseur WHISKY MIT WODKA


"Many thanks again to you and your wonderful team for creating a wonderful true festival and celebration of film ... Terry is still talking about the truly wonderful time he had with you all."


"We had a great time at your wonderful city and fantastic festival, I truly enjoyed. We will spread the goodwill and good buzz about the festival ..."
Kevin Feng Ke, Regisseur LETTERS FROM DEATH ROW


"... the beautiful city of Munich and ist friendly people will be remembered in our heart forever. It's your hard work and hospitality making this film festival memorable."


"It was a great experience, a beautiful run festival ... and great audiences too!"
Mark N. Hopkins, Regisseur LIVING IN EMERGENCY


"We are thrilled that the film drew such a huge crowd ... the questions they asked were the most thoughtful and intelligent of all our screenings. Go Munich!!!"
Naisola Grimwood, Producer LIVING IN EMERGENCY


"I just want to thank you and your team for your hospitality in Munich ... We met a lot of interesting people and the public was very open-minded and kind."
Myriam Verreault, Regisseurin À L'OUEST DE PLUTON


"Excellent organization - always a thing I faced in your festival (...) A highly qualified team that shocked my deep rooted belief that 'human beings make mistakes'."
Somar Jbawi, Jury-Mitglied CineVision Award.


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