Thursday, 6/4/2009

The 2009 Festival Program

The line-up of the 27th FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is complete. From June 26 to the 4th of July, Germany largest summer film festival will be screening over 200 films on 15 screens. Almost all of them are German premieres, many are world premieres. “We’re screening the best new films in world”, Festival Director Andreas Ströhl is proud to admit, “Our program, with its many highlights and discoveries, reminds us of how much fun movies can be. You won’t be bored, we can guarantee that.”

The 2009 Festival Program


INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM: Big Names and Intriguing Newcomers

The International Program is screening films from over 30 countries. Some of the starts are Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Jeff Bridges, Joaquin Phoenix, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emmanuelle Béart, Penélope Cruz. And there are many more. Along with world famous directors such as Pedro Almodóvar and Michael Mann, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is presenting a large number of exciting new films by up and coming filmmakers from around the world. From a new generation of Italian directors to filmmakers from Africa - or the young British newcomer, David Bowie son Duncan Jones who is presenting his debut film MOON.

The closing night film is Belgian director Félix van Groeningen's no-holds-barred working class comedy THE MISFORTUNATES.

RETROSPECTIVE - Stephen Frears

British director Stephen Frears will be coming to Munich for a retrospective of his films. Filmfest is screening 19 of his films, among them his latest, CHÉRI, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, before its official German premiere later this year.

CINEMERIT AWARD - Michael Haneke

The 2009 CineMerit Award goes to Munich-born Austrian director Michael Haneke. The festival is screening six of his films, among them this year's Golden Palm winner THE WHITE RIBBON, FUNNY GAMES U.S., HIDDEN, CODE UNKNOWN, THE TIME OF THE WOLF and THE PIANIST. On Saturday, July 4, at 11 am, Haneke will be in the Black Box in Gasteig (Filmmakers Live) for a Q & A open to the public. The 2009 CineMerit Award is sponsored by Audi.

NEW GERMAN CINEMA: Rebels and Crises

Rites of passage, stylistic experiments, remarkable documentaries, caustic comedies: 16 world premieres show that New German Cinema is alive and well at Filmfest München.
In THE DAY WILL COME Iris Berben plays a former terrorist with an assume identity. THE LAWYERS, a documentary, shows the different directions the careers of attorney's representing terrorists back in the Sixties took over a period of 30 years. Andreas Dresen, whose CLOUD 9 was a big international hit last year, is back - with a comedy, WHISKY WITH VODKA. A world premiere.


FOCUS ON THE FAR EAST is a compilation of the best films from the Far East and Southeast Asia. Exciting new productions from China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Ancient cultures collide with turbo capitalism and the consequences.

The AMERICAN INDEPENDENTS section, one of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN's trademarks, will be screening the best Indie films of the year, among others, a return to low budget for Steven Soderbergh (THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE) and a portrait of American singer-songwriter Bill 'Aint No Sunshine' Withers (STILL BILL).

NOUVEAU CINÉMA FRANÇAIS - fans of French cinema will find delight in, among others, the latest films by auteur veterans André Téchiné (LA FILLE DU RER) and Barbet Schroeder (Inju, la bête dans l'ombre), as well as an unfinished film from 1964 starring Romy Schneider, HENRI-GEORGES CLOUZOT'S INFERNO.

The section VISIONES LATINAS presents the latest from one of the most innovative filmmaking regions in the world - 16 films, among them two world premieres, by young Latin American directors.

GERMAN TV MOVIES: Exciting, Funny, Poignant

German TV Movies are also taking another look at the Sixties. DUTSCHKE is a semi-documentary biopic by Stefan Krohmer about Rudi Dutschke, one of the leaders of the student movement in those heady days. There are new who- dun-its, black comedies, dramas and thrillers. Some of the stars: Senta Berger, Herbert Knaup, Nadja Uhl, Yvonne Catterfeld, Anja Kling und Armin Rohde sowie die aktuellen Filme mit Heike Makatsch, Katja Flint, Kostja Ullmann, Hannelore Hoger and Rolf Lassgard.

KINDERFILMFEST: Little Heroes - Big Adventures

The 2009 Kinderfilmfest is screening eight feature films and nine shorts for kids. FRIENDS - FOREVER is a world premiere.

OPEN AIR: Masters of Desasters

The theme of this year's Open Air section is delectable destruction. People who mean well end up by creating total chaos. The section includes Blake Edwards' THE PARTY, Jacques Tat's PLAYTIME, BLUES BROTHERS and Laurel and Hardy.

SILENT CLASSIC: The Woman Men Yearn For

Filmfest München, in association with the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation and Transit Film, presents Marlene Dietrich in THE WOMAN MEN YEARN FOR directed by Kurt Bernhardt in 1929. Bernhardt's last silent film and Dietrich's first leading role shows that she played dangerous women before becoming an international star.