Thursday, 4/27/2017

Summer, Sun and Movie Fun

Kinderfilmfest 2017 now online!

Mia Kasala and Samuel Girardi in MOUNTAIN MIRACLE

The films of this year's Kinderfilmfest are online: Parents, teachers, kids and teens can check out the program and reserve tickets already. Nine features, six shorts and a lecture with Foley artist Max Bauer will delight the audience. The educator's seminar for parents and teachers deals with "Thrillers and Horror Films for Kids?" An industry panel and the coveted Kinderfilmfest Audience Award with free screening of the winning film complete the program.

In the opening film QUEEN OF NIENDORF, ten-year-old Lea opts out of summer camp, instead trying to be the only girl accepted in the boys' gang of stay-at-homes. MOUNTAIN MIRACLE tells the story of 13-year-old Amelie, who's not just stressed by the parents, but by her chronic asthma, too. She decides to run away from her mountain heath retreat – but here, the only place to run is uphill. ONLY A DAY is a uniquely magical experience, a fairy tale portrayed by grown-ups acting like animals: The mayfly only has one day to live, but the fox and boar don't want to break it to her. Instead, they resort to a little fib. Thrills and chills in ROOM 213: Elvira and two other girls are assigned to a creepy room at summer camp that hasn't been used for years, and soon weird things start happening. In CLOUDBOY, 12-year-old Niilas spends his summer vacation with his mom in Lapland for the first time. It's all new for him: His mom's new family as well as the rugged environment above the Arctic circle. REVOLTING RHYMES, based on the classic by Roald Dahl, stands well-known fairy tales on their ear: Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White become best friends, and a melancholy wolf decides not to eat every little girl he sees. THE MYSTERY OF GREEN HILL proves life is more exciting than any ghost story: The kids of a Croatian village band together to foil a gang of thieves – and friendship proves the most powerful tool to do it. In doc TESOROS, our gang is hunting for buried pirate treasure on the coast of Mexico, when they're not busy tending to baby turtles, that is. Michel Ocelot has made a name with his magical silhouette animation films, comparable with a Hayao Miyazaki film. We screen his latest, IVAN TSAREVITCH AND THE CHANGING PRINCESS and his early work AZUR & ASMAR: THE PRINCES' QUEST - episodic fairy tales in enchanted landscapes and charming style.

Specially suited to preschool and elementary kids is the short film program  "Shorts for Kids 5 and Up". Each a jewel of its own, tailored to tiny tots with shorter attention spans.

At lecture THE ART OF MAKING NOISE, Foley artist Max Bauer will demonstrate how to make pictures come alive with sound. It's a craft still passed down from one master to the next, who guard their secrets as jealously as magicians. Max Bauer lets us in on a few secrets from his bag of tricks and box of noises, and invites us to participate. The audience can again vote on their favorite film, with the winner receiving the coveted Kinderfilmfest Audience Award. As in previous years, a team of kid reporters will report from the fest and review films, with the help of the Medienzentrum München. For the first time, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN tickets will also be available online via München Ticket, where tickets for all Kinderfilmfest screenings and events are available immediately.

Ella Fogelström, Wilma Lundgren and Elena Hovsepyan in ROOM 213