Thursday, 6/22/2017

Untamed Beauty

Passion and Struggle in New Italian Films

Untamed Beauty

Jasmine Trinca and Stefano Accorsi in FORTUNATA

New Italian cinema is all about the margins. FILMFEST MÜNCHEN welcomes a great line-up from Italy with a total of seven films and two specials – four of the films just premiered in Cannes and are now being screened internationally, illustrating what's important in Italy right now: survival.

FORTUNATA, A CIAMBRA, THE INTRUDER and PURE HEARTS tell the story of people on the edge of society, being knocked down and getting up again. They're all heroes of their their own lives, which they master against all obstacles. In FORTUNATA, a single mother flees from her ex-husband's violence with her daughter. Star actor-director Sergio Castellitto captures her desperate energy in this dirty pretty film. A CIAMBRA by Jonas Carpignano picks up one of the characters from his debut MEDITERRANEA (FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2015), 14-year old Roma Pio Amato, in his semi-documentary struggle for survival. In Leonardo di Costanzo's THE INTRUDER Naples social worker Giovanna tries to save her proteges from the life of crime. In actor Roberto de Paoli's debut feature PURE HEARTS, Agnese and Stefano have to battle the world around them, an uber-catholic mother, and his criminal record.

 LA GUERRA DEI CAFONI by Davide Barletti and Lorenzo Conte

SPIRA MIRABILIS is a visual experiment by award-winning documentarists Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti that takes us from Milano to the USA and from Berne to Japan in a miraculous spiral, symbol of perfection and infinity. In MONTE a family struggles to get out of the shadow of the mountain that robs them of the sun – with a hammer and chisel, if need be. THE WAR OF THE YOKELS takes place in little hamlet Torre Matta, on the bottom of the heel of the Italian boot. In the summer of 1975, a war is on between rich and poor, farmers and landlords. And between the fronts, a love blooms that could change it all.

 Sveva Alviti in DALIDA

Biopic DALIDA whisks us away on the rollercoaster life of the famed Franco-Italian chanteuse, whom director Lisa Azuelos cast Roman beauty Sveva Alviti to bring back to life. And fan doc THEY CALLED HIM BULLDOZER is also dedicated to a deceased legend: Bud Spencer, born Carlo Pedersoli from Naples, and his buddy Terrence Hill were famed for their buddy comedies. Director Karl-Martin Pold spent eight years enshrining his hero with this film.

Under the motto WILD ITALY, Roberto de Paolis (PURE HEARTS) and Jonas Carpignano (A CIAMBRA) will talk about the new raw beauty of the Italian cinema which leaves us breathless – and memorializes the heroes that never give up.

Britta Schönhütl


DALIDA, Lisa Azuelos
, Sergio Castellitto
MONTE, Amir Naderi

International Independents
PURE HEARTS, Roberto de Paolis
SPIRA MIRABILIS, Massimo D’Anolfi und Martina Parenti
THE WAR OF THE YOKELS, Davide Barletti und Lorenzo Conte

CineMasters Competition
THE INTRUDER, Leonardo di Costanzo

Cinevision Competition
A CIAMBRA, Jonas Carpignano

Lights! Camera! Action!

with directors Roberto de Paolis (PURE HEARTS) and Jonas Carpignano (A CIAMBRA)