Awards & Winners

Transmedia Prize

In the spirit of journalist Fritz Michael Gerlich (1883-1934), an Idea Competition is taking place. The Akademie für Film- und Fernsehdramaturgie TOP: Talente e.V. in cooperation with Tellux Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH is looking for cross or transmedial ideas for socially relevant topics. Anyone can participate. The winners will be announced and introduced at the award ceremony of the Fritz Gerlich Prize during FILMFEST MÜNCHEN.

1st Place: 1.500 Euro
2nd Place: 1.000 Euro
3rd Place: 500 Euro.

Transmedia Prize 2018


The award ceremony took place at Hubertus-Saal of Nymphenburger Schloss on Wednesday, 7/4/2018, 7:00 PM. 

Award winner

1. Place: SO EIN "PERFEKTES LEBEN" by Giovanna Canela Pais & Tomás Pablo Gutiérrez Ahumada
2. Place: SILVER SURFER GRETEL by Bahar Bektas & Jennifer Beitel
3. Place: FRANZ by Anne M. Keßel


Previous winners


1. Place: Werte-Baukasten - Axel Bernd Appelt

2. Place: Vom Boche zum Buddy - Wie überwindet man Hass - Anna Brass
3. Place: My name is Mona - Phil Clausen


1. Place: Follow the Child - Marcus Pfeil, film / TV, moving images - online, text - online, live

2. Place: Naunynstraße 65 - Daniel Huhn, moving images - online, text - online, app - mobil, virtual installation
3. Place: Du Deutscher - Caroline Schaper, moving images - online, social media communication  


1. Place: Kiesels Welt - Dietrich Duppel

2. Place: Vier Affen - Frank Raki
3. Place: Inclusio Pro Reo - Ulrich Fasshauer und Kaya Tina Büttner


1. Place: Reaching out - Karsten Günther

2. Place: Ideen zu Themenwoche Zivilcourage 2014 - Cathrin Schreiber, Katharina Sichla & Klaus Schlaug
3. Place: Netzwerk der Mutigen - Lisa Freudenberg