Pressestimmen 2009


"Fanfare, drum rolls and a new record of 74.669 admissions, packed screenings… it is amazing how much enthusiasm Munich audiences have for new film discoveries… As a public oriented celebration of cinema and a meeting place for industry insiders, Filmfest has again lived up to its reputation." 


"The films alone made the trip to Munich worthwhile. "


"An exquisite program and internationally acclaimed directors… No wonder people came to the theaters along Munich' Movie Mile in droves. "


"Filmfest München was strong with so many original and radical films that, in both content and style, were a distinctive contribution to world cinema."
EuroCiné 32/2009


"The Filmfest, with its usual high standards, was just what it purports to be: an audience oriented festival. The public showed its appreciation by attending in record numbers." 
FILM-DIENST, 30.07.09


"The public did not allow discussions about the quality of young German cinema and award regulations to ruin its fun. It enjoyed the many encounters with famous directors… The filmmakers enjoyed the intelligent questions posed by the audiences at the Q & As and answered them often humorously. All in all, a successful mixed bag."


"A nine-day party… If the density of the crowds had been the criterion, Festival Director Andreas Ströhl's festival would have outstripped Berlin. "
BUNTE, 09.07.09


"Andreas Ströhl, top Filmfester, takes the name of his festival seriously. It's a fest, a celebration of film and, consequently, life. And did we celebrate! The nice thing is that the focus at Filmfest is on the films and people who love films, not the VIPs and the wannabees. Ströhl's concept is successful and the atmosphere is laid back. Thumbs up from us."


"Among the roughly 200 films at Filmfest München there were plenty worth seeing to the very end regardless of how late it was."


"Filmfest München is not a competition festival, which is to say it doesn't plant any palms or let bears, lions or leopards loose in gold or silver. The awards here are not competitive in the sense of a year's best list but go to recognize and foster deserving films and filmmakers. In that way they are closer to the audiences. At this year's festival, filmmakers were honored who really deserved it." 


"In addition to its international sections, Filmfest München is a showcase for new German cinema… The spectrum is enormous."
TAGESSPIEGEL Berlin, 02.07.09


"We all have someone to gawk at: actors, producers, directors - it's Filmfest and celebrities galore are in town."
BILD, 01.07.09


"Terry Gilliam will be in Munich to present his film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, on the opening night… Dr. Parnassus uses a magic mirror to abduct his audiences to a realm of imagination - Ströhl coudln't have found a better, more suitable metaphor for his Filmfest." 

"In München spielt die Musik."


"The hedonistic flair surrounding high quality films, the communicative no-holds-barred atmosphere for moviegoers, filmmakers, artists, industry insiders and special guests is what distinguishes Munich from other festivals."


"Munich's annual early summer event has managed to create a reputation quite apart from its big brother in Berlin.
That renown is one of quality and appreciation for the art of film. (...) While the Munich Film Festival has established itself as a premiere showcase for contemporary German cinema, its international lineup and Hollywood sidebar have made it a natural platform for U.S. indies and high-profile international dramas alike."
VARIETY, 19.06.09


"The Berlinale may have more glamour but Filmfest München is far more laid back. Berlin is the gala, Munich is the extended family blowout of the film scene."
GONG, 12.06.09


"Ströhl's rejuvenated team of programmers seems to have given the festival more contour in their second time around. They have also done a good job at holding the unavoidable festival pressures and conventional wisdom at bay."
tz, 05.06.09


"Big name stars and actors, a young team of programmers and controversial films… A selection of films that shows the personal passions and convictions of those who picked them… films that (Thank God) we can argue about." 


"The bottom line: a unique film happening with a charm all its own and entertaining fringe programs. For people who enjoy intelligent and interesting movies."
PRINZ, 01.06.09