Press Comments 2010



"A fest for heart and mind…"
BLICKPUNKT: FILM , 12.07.2010


"The Munich mixed bag is what accounts for the atmosphere at the German summer film festival. Between the well over 200 films, moviegoers and industry insiders manage to find time to meet, party and talk about the current cinema, a little like the title of the Taviani film "(In Munich) The Sun Even Shines At Night".


"A sophisticated festival that gains in substance every year."
WELT AM SONNTAG, 04.07.2010


"Reality often outdoes the boldest fiction. Pverty, loneliness and cruelty - and time and time again the financial crisis that has deprived so many people of their livelihood. More and more filmmakers are addressing this. The 28th Filmfest München has struck the nerve of the zeitgeist."
OFFENBACH POST, 01.07.2010


"Filmfest München, the 28th! From Bollywood to Deggendorf - the scope of this year'e Munich festival extends to more than 200 different takes on our world.", 02.07.2010


"Fascinating encounters, big-time premieres and major filmmakers from around the world - that was Filmfest München in 2010. Real movie fans did not let the good summer weather or the World Cup keep them away from the cinemas., 02.07.2010


"For almost 30 years, the créme de la créme of the film world has been congregating at the Munich filmfest. Film history has been made here."


"Not a record-breaking festival but a very successful one. With well over 60 000 admissions to over 200 films, Filmfest München proved it can stand up to the strong competition."
BAYERNKURIER, 10.07.2010


"Finding one's way around over 200 films from 42 countries at the 2010 Filmfest München may take a little patience but the festival provides the possibility to bring the fascinating world of cinema to a large audience. Germany's second largest film festival has seventeen sections including the American Indies and the increasingly impressive Focus on the Far East as well as numerous functions open to everyone that make it a truly audience-oriented celebration of film."
SCHNITT ONLINE, 09.07,2010


"Das 'Filmfest München' machte deutlich, dass wir es gegenwärtig mit einem bei aller Depression aufregend politischen Weltkino zu tun haben - selbst wenn es bei manchen Produktionen erst auf den zweiten Blick deutlich wird."
FILMSPRAICHER bei, 08.07.2010


"Knapp 200 Filme wurden gezeigt, die immerhin um die 66 000 Zuschauer in die Kinos an der Isarmeile lockten. Im vergangenen - WM-freien - Jahr waren es 75 000 gewesen. Der Charme des Filmfests liegt vor allem darin, dass es ein reines Publikumsfestival ist, auch wenn sich am Rande natürlich die Branche trifft, Fernsehfilme ihre Vorabpremieren feiern und ein Dutzend Preise vergeben werden."