Paradise Girls
Filmfest 2005

PARADISE GIRLS focuses on three young women, Miki, Pei Pei and Shirley, who are each going through an emotional phase in their lives in different places in the world. Their initially carefree lives have all been disrupted by a man: a boyfriend, a father and a young son. Each girl‘s individual reaction to these recent misfortunes illustrates a determination as well as a subconscious love of life that is so characteristic to their age group. It was shot in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Thailand, Germany and The Netherlands... "Each of the girls has a distinct background that Hu draws out with considerable clarity giving PARADISE GIRLS a truly international orientation, presenting a challenge and a lesson to European audiences who might otherwise amalgamate the complexities of the Far East." sNeersnipe

tags: Feature film

Cast: Kei Katayama, Eveline Wu, Jo Kuk, Guido Pollemans


Director: Fow Pyng Hu