The Devil Strikes at Night
Filmfest 2005

Mario Adorf is an outstanding psychopathic villain. Instead of a caricature of a mentally ill murderer, Adorf's Bruno is particularly horrifying because he is so pitiably real... The focus of the movie is its critique of government and politicians who will do their utmost to both perpetuate and extend their grip on power... The criminal has been caught, but Gestapo officer Rossdorf points out that there are a couple of major problems: another man has already been convicted of the Hamburg murder - and the German Justice System never makes any mistakes; also, the Nazi Party would have to explain to the German people that they have left a serial killer on the loose for more than a decade – in other words, Bruno cannot really exist... Alternative Film Guide (, 29 Oct, 2004

tags: Feature film

Cast: Mario Adorf, Claus Holm, Annemarie Düringer, Hannes Messemer, Carl Lange


Director: Robert Siodmak