One Night
Filmfest 2005

A young woman who works as an office clerk lives with her mother in a cramped apartment in Teheran. One evening when she comes back home from work, her mother asks her to go and sleep somewhere else. The girl wanders around the city all night long. She comes across three men, each with a different story to tell. Niki Karimi: "The main character has been transformed by a long strange nocturnal journey. It's like a thousand and one stories occur unseen in this city. We have just followed a few of them. The lies, the violence, the sex seethe under the surface and people look for a foothold in all of this. The city, instead of being a refuge, is turned into a place people try to escape from."

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hanie Tavassoli, Saeed Ebrahimifar, Nader Torkaman, Abdolreza Fakhar


Director: Niki Karimi