Parque vía
Filmfest 2009

Beto is the custodian of a house in Mexico City, left vacant for several years, in which he used to work as a domestic helper. The solitude of the last ten years, as well as the monotony and routine of his job have made him lead a secluded life. He has developed a pathological fear of the outside world, to the point of limiting his contacts to only two people: the owner of the house, for whom he has a feeling of deep gratitude and respect, which is translated into obedience; and Lupe, a friend, a confident and a lover. News that the house is to be put up for sale creates a major dilemma for Beto, who doesn’t know whether to dare to set forth and live or to seek a way of remaining in his confinement. Fortissimo Films

tags: Feature film

Cast: Nolberto Coria, Nancy Orozco, Tesalia Huerta


Director: Enrique Rivero