Filmfest 2010

After a haunting accident while on the lam, Joon-shik migrates to Paju, a gray town where the urban landscape is as bleak as the fate of its residents. Attempting to remain in hiding and sublimate the tragedies of his past, he finds a kindred spirit with secrets of her own. Her younger sister, Eun-mo, disapproving of the romantic arrangement, quickly drives a wedge into the already aloof relationship. Delicately unveiled through an anachronistic period of eight years, PAJU tells the story of a man and his transgressions, a girl in conflict with herself, and the alienation that we often face — even in the presence of those we love. From religion to social reinvention, writer/director Park Chan-ok leaves no controversial stone unturned by exploring the dialectical forces at work within a community that simultaneously resists and accepts change. 2009 Tribeca Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sun-Kyun LEE, Woo SEO, E-young SHIM, Bo-kyung KIM, Kyung-young LEE


Director: Chan-ok PARK