The Castle
Filmfest 2011

Takes us behind the "Authorized Personnel Only" doors at Milan’s Malpensa Airport to show us scenes that few air travelers will ever see: security patrols, interrogations of foreign travelers, inspections of shipments of animal products. It draws on the cinematic conventions of the horror movie, featuring many tracking long shots of eerily deserted space in which the automated movement of escalators and electronic doors appear uncanny and the disembodied voices of public address announcements take on a sinister air. Because nothing is explained or otherwise placed into context, everything seems mysterious and otherworldly. We can make sense out of some of what we see—a drug courier from Paraguay caught with his intestines full of cocaine—but what of the woman who appears to have taken up residence in a public restroom, cooking on a hotplate and washing her laundry in the sink? An electronic soundtrack by Sebastian Castro Miranda adds to the surreal feel.

tags: Documentary


Director: Martina Parenti, Massimo D’Anolfi