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Buy tickets online and mobile from June 16 to July 5.

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From June 16 to 27 you save the service charge of € 1.50 and an additional € 0.50 off the normal ticket price. After June 28, you pay the same price as at the Filmfest box offices without the service charge of € 1.50.

Pay online with either MasterCard or Visa. In Germany, payment can also be made by bank debit ('SEPA-Basislastschrift').

Please note that changes and refunds are not possible after you submit your order. So please check your shopping cart before you order.

To pick up tickets purchased at the Ticket WebShop you will need to show the credit or EC debit card you used and the confirmation (printout or per smartphone).

As of June 19, you can pick up tickets bought via the WebShop at the Filmfest box offices in Gasteig. As of June 28, you can also pick them up at the Filmfest box offices at RIO Filmpalast, Filmmuseum, Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor, City Kino, ARRI Kino, Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München (HFF München) and Kinos Münchner Freiheit up to 30 minutes before the screening.

Please come early because there will very likely be long lines. Confirmations received by e-mail may not be used in lieu of tickets. Tickets that are not picked up on time cannot be refunded.

You can pick up tickets purchased at the Webshop at the Filmfest box offices in Gasteig June 19 to June 27

June 19 to June 20
10 am - 7 pm daily
June 21 to June 22
10 am - 4 pm daily
June 23 to June 27
10 am - 7 pm daily

In order to avoid long lines at the Filmfest box offices, we recommend that you do not pick up tickets on June 27.

Filmfest box office hours for picking up tickets purchased at the WebShop June 28 to July 5

Gasteig, Rosenheimer Straße 5
10 am - 10:30 pm daily
City Kino, Sonnenstraße 12
9 am - 10:30 pm daily
RIO Filmpalast, Rosenheimer Straße 46
1 pm - 10:30 pm daily
ARRI Kino, Türkenstraße 91
1 pm - 10:30 pm daily
Filmmuseum, St.-Jakobs-Platz 1
1 pm - 10:30 pm daily
HFF München, Bernd-Eichinger-Platz 1
1 pm - 10:30 pm daily
Kinos Münchner Freiheit, Leopoldstraße 82
1 pm - 10:30 pm daily
Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor, Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 11
1 pm - 10:30 pm daily


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El festival de cine de Munich es el más grande festival no competitivo en Alemania. Cada verano en medio de una atmósfera relajada tiene lugar en la Rambla del Isar un intensivo diálogo entre cineastas y directores de cine. Aunque se recrea el cine en sus variantes artísticas y culturales, este festival constituye también una plataforma de la industria del cine alemán y su mercado, el cual goza de gran prestigio a nivel internacional.

Le FILMFEST MÜNCHEN est le plus grand festival public non-compétitif d’Allemagne.
Dans une atmosphère de détente, un dialoge intensif entre réalisateurs et cinéastes se tient tous les étés sur les rives de l’Isar. Bien que le film y soit célébré pour son essence artistique et son expression culturelle, le Filmfest München est un marché très populaire, aussi bien sur le plan de l’industrie du film allemand que celui de l’industrie cinématographique internationale