CineCoPro Award

An international three-member jury selects the recipient of the CineCoPro Award for German co-producers of international co-productions. Worth 100,000 euros, this is the most valuable award at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN; it is funded by an additional subsidy provided to the festival by the Bavarian State Ministry of Digital Affairs. The prize money is freely available for one subsequent collaborative project. All films nominated for the award are screened in Munich as world or German premieres, as was A VIDA INVISÍVEL DE EURÍDICE GUSMÃO, the first film to receive this award, for which co-producers Viola Fügen and Michael Weber were honored. The prize money went into producing the film NEVER GONNA SNOW AGAIN, which will be screened at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2021 as part of a retrospective of the work of polish director Małgorzata Szumowska.