Take My Eyes
Film - International Program Filmfest 2004

Take My Eyes

Directed by Iciar Bollain


Director: Iciar Bollain
Section: International Program
Country: Spain
Year: 2003
PT: Öffne meine Augen
Language: Spanish
Cast: Laia Marull, Luis Tosar, Candela Peña, Rosa Maria Sardà, Kiti Mánver


Take My Eyes

In the middle of a cold winter night, a young woman takes her son and a few belongings and flees her abusive home. She knows her husband will look for her. She is everything to him, and she has “given him her eyes...”. On her own, she will have to come to terms with reality and learn the difference between home and hell, love and pain, protection and horror. Among the questions director Icíar Bollaín asked herself were: why do women stay with men who beat them for an average of ten years and why do some women even insist they are still in love? Because they keep hoping the man will change. Her main character is a woman who kept hoping for years that the man she originally fell in love with will walk through the door. “’Take my Eyes’ handles the subject of domestic violence with intelligence and compassion.” Jonathan Holland, Variety

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Iciar Bollain