Film - International Program Filmfest 2005


Directed by Ilya Khrzhanovsky


Director: Ilya Khrzhanovsky
Section: International Program
Country: Russia
Year: 2004
Language: Russian
Cast: Shavkat Abdusalamov, Anatoli Adoskin, Aleksei Khvostenko



A deserted village in the middle of Russia and an all-night bar in a big city. Can both of these worlds really co-exist in contemporary Russia? These worlds are so disparate that the director has broken the taboos, rules and norms of accepted cinematographic language and used two different editing rhythms, and two divergent concepts for both sound and visuals. A closer examination, however, reveals that these two worlds are but clones of each other, only they duplicate reverse reflections, like positive and negative film. Like the mirror and that which lays beyond…

Meet the director

Ilya Khrzhanovsky