53 Winter Days
Film - International Program Filmfest 2007

53 Winter Days

Directed by Judith Colell


Director: Judith Colell
Section: International Program
Country: Spain
Year: 2006
PT: 53 días de invierno
Language: Spanish
Cast: Mercedes Sampietro, Alex Brendemühl, Aina Clotet, Maria Pau Pigem, Montserrat Salvador


53 Winter Days

Three people waiting for a bus one winter's night look on as a dog is abandoned. Mila, a teacher on a year’s leave of absence after having been attacked by one of her students; Celso, a security guard, married and the father of a son, who has serious trouble making ends meet, and who is on the point of learning that he’s about to become a father again, but this time to twins; and Valeria, a cello student with a murky family/love relationship. All three set out on a voyage that leads each of them to confront their fears and frustrations and to make an extreme, life-changing decision.

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Judith Colell