99 Francs
Film - Nouveau Cinéma Français Filmfest 2008

99 Francs

Directed by Jan Kounen


Director: Jan Kounen
Section: Nouveau Cinéma Français
Country: France
Year: 2007
PT: 39,90
Language: French
Cast: Jean Dujardin, Jocelyn Quivrin, Patrick Mille, Vahina Giocante


99 Francs

"Adapted from Frédéric Beigbeder's novel of the same title - one of the biggest French best-sellers of recent years - and starring the very bankable Jean Dujardin, 99 FRANCS represents a scathing satire on the advertising industry... Kounen pulls few punches in his portrayals of advertising agencies as dens of narcissistic, coke-fueled opportunists on the make. Having made 30 or so ads himself, mostly in England, he presumably knows something of what he is talking about. His approach is not always subtle, and cliché is always lurking, but the movie is constantly inventive and the jokes score more hits than misses. The pace is fast and furious. Since Kounen deploys the techniques of advertising the better to debunk them, he risks burdening the spectator with sensory overload. But it's all good fun with real bite, and France's best-known yoghurt manufacturer will not be pleased to see its brand name lightly disguised as Madone." Hollywood Reporter

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