Film - Homage | Loriot Filmfest 2012


Directed by Vicco von Bülow


Director: Vicco von Bülow
Section: Homage | Loriot
Country: Federal Republic of Germany
Year: 1988
Language: German
Version: Original version
Cast: Vicco von Bülow, Evelyn Hamann, Katharina Brauren, Edda Seippel, Richard Lauffen



Paul Winkelmann, a furniture retailer in his mid-fifties, still lives with his mother, who cooks his dinner, does his laundry and more or less runs his life. But then 'Pussi', as she calls him, meets psychologist Margarete Tietze and finally begins to rebel . . .
As Loriot explained: "What I am interested in most of all are people with communication problems. Everything that I consider comical results from crumbled communication, from people talking at cross-purposes." And naturally, the mummy’s boy is essentially unable to cope with daily life, battling with the usual "perfidiousness of everyday objects" and putting his foot in it time after time . . . ÖDIPUSSI was the most successful German film of 1988.
Vaclav Demling, www.goethe.de

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Meet the director

Vicco von Bülow


Screenplay: Vicco von Bülow
Director of Photography: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Film Editor: Dagmar Hirtz
Composer: Rolf A. Wilhelm
Production Designer: Werner Achmann, Rolf Zehetbauer
Costume Design: Sabine Diekow
Sound: Rainer Wiehr
Producer: Horst Wendlandt
Production Company: Bavaria Pictures GmbH
Co-Producer: Günter Rohrbach
Distributor: Tobis Film GmbH & Co.KG