Film - Homage | Retrospective Christian Petzold Filmfest 2016


Directed by Christian Petzold


Director: Christian Petzold
Section: Homage | Retrospective Christian Petzold
Country: Germany
Year: 1990
Language: German
Version: Original version

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“SÜDEN is particularly important to me among my short films. It was a trip I took with my girlfriend, my current wife, to Turkey. I shot club hosts, Turkish newspapers, papers blowing in the wind. It became a film of longing for the South, a South that has ceased to exist. It’s about books – the best image is that of books lying in the sun, turning brown, fluttering toward the sun. I still like these images a lot today. There was a lot more in this film than I intended.” - Christian Petzold

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Christian Petzold

Christian Petzold was born in Hilden, North Rhine Westphalia, in 1960. He moved to Berlin in 1981, studying German lit and theater studies at the Free University. He graduated in 1989 and went on to study directing at dffb film school, working as assistant director for Hartmut Bitomsky and Harun Farocki, and writing film criticism. Petzold shot his graduating film PILOTINNEN 1994. After TV movies CUBA LIBRE and DIE BEISCHLAFDIEBIN he shot his first theatrical film THE STATE I AM IN (2000), a daram about a teen and his parents, who are wanted terrorists. The film won a string of awards, including the German Film Prize in Gold as Best Film. In 2001, Petzold’s collaboration with Nina Hoss began on SOMETHING TO REMIND ME, with whom he went on to shoot a series of films: WOLFSBURG (2003) won the Berlinale FIPRESCI Award and the Adolf Grimme Prize in Gold. Nina Hoss also starred in YELLA (2007), JERICHOW (2009) and BARBARA (2012). He shot an episode of TV three-parter DREILEBEN (2011). Petzold’s latest theatrical film PHOENIX (2013/2014), also starring Nina Hoss, won the International Film Critics’ Award at San Sebastián Film Festival.


Screenplay: Christian Petzold
Director of Photography: Christian Petzold
Film Editor: Chrisitan Petzold
Sound: Chistian Petzold
Production Company: dffb Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin GmbH