Film - Homage | Retrospective Sofia Coppola Filmfest 2017


Directed by Sofia Coppola


Director: Sofia Coppola
Section: Homage | Retrospective Sofia Coppola
Country: USA
Year: 2002
Language: English
Version: Original version with German subtitles
Cast: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Giovanni Ribisi, Anna Faris, Fumihiro Hayashi



Bob Harris has seen better days as a film star, but still has enough cachet to get a lucrative deal hawking luxury whiskey in Japan. He shares hotels with young American photographer's wife Charlotte, who's accompanying her husband to the Far East and finds herself at loose ends. While Bob's wife henpecks him from afar with constant messages, Charlotte's husband is suddenly whisked away on business. The two team up to explore the Tokyo neon netherworld, baffled at the foreign language all around. The two fish out of water have to learn to go with the flow in the big pond overseas.

Meet the director


Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola was born in New York City in 1971 to Eleanor and Francis Ford Coppola. When she was just a few weeks old, her father cast der as Baby Michael Corleone in THE GODFATHER (1972). She continued to act in films like PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED (1986) and STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 – THE PHANTOM MENACE (1999). She became world-famous as a writer-director with THE VIRGIN SUICIDES (1999) and LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003), which earned her a Golden Globe as well as an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. SOMEWHERE won the Gold Lion in Venice 2010. Sofia Coppola often deals with the emotional void beneath glittery surfaces, and the gilded cages of the rich and famous.


Screenplay: Sofia Coppola
Director of Photography: Lance Acord
Film Editor: Sarah Flack
Composer: Kevin Shields
Production Designer: K.K. Barrett, Anne Ross
Costume Design: Nancy Steiner
Sound: Drew Kunin
Producer: Sofia Coppola, Ross Katz
Production Company: American Zoetrope
Co-Producer: Stephen Schible
Co-Production Company: Elemental Films
Distributor: Constantin Film Verleih GmbH