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Directed by Johannes Fabrick


Director: Johannes Fabrick
Section: New German TV Movies
Country: Germany
Year: 2018
Language: German
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Natalia Belitski, Juergen Maurer, Hanna Hilsdorf, Julius Nitschkoff, Till Patz, Amanda da Gloria, Timur Bartels, Sesede Terziyan, Natascha Paulick



Jana completes her training as a medical specialist and is offered an internship at the prestigious Berlin Institute of Forensic Medicine: a dream come true. The dream becomes a nightmare, however, when she is confronted with a number of cases of injured and abused children. Jana discovers firsthand the difficulty in calling those responsible to account and separating the children from their tormentors. When an infant is killed by shaken baby syndrome, it's too much for Jana. Against the advice of her professor and mentor, Kurt Bremer, she becomes actively involved in the circumstances surrounding the baby's mother, her other children, and her boyfriend. In doing so, Jana is breaking the law. She not only risks the opposition of parents and the child welfare office, but also risks endangering herself.

Meet the director


Johannes Fabrick

Johannes Fabrick was born in Vienna in 1958. He studied scriptwriting and film directing at the Filmakademie Wien. Since the mid-1990s, he has directed documentary films and later award-winning feature films. His first feature-length film, BERNHARDINER & KATZ, for example, received the Erich Neuberg Award in 1998; SCHLEUDERTRAUMA (2001) received a Romy, an Austrian award for film and television, in 2004. THE LAST FINE DAY (2011), about a mother who without warning commits suicide, was acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. The film received, among other awards, the Grimme Award as well as the German Television Award in the category of best actor (Wotan Wilke Möhring). The TV drama I NEVER TOLD YOU had its premiere at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in 2011. Fabrick's films often have Julia Koschitz in the leading role; these include TAKE GOOD CARE OF HIM (which premiered at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in 2013) about a terminally ill woman who seeks to bring her husband and his ex-wife back together before her death. In 2018, at the 58th TV Festival in Monte Carlo, Fabrick received the Prix Signis for BENEDE.


Screenplay: Thorsten Näter
Original Material: Michael Tsokos, Saskia Guddat
Director of Photography: Helmut Pirnat
Film Editor: Simon Blasi
Composer: Annette Focks
Production Designer: Jörg Baumgarten
Costume Design: Nicole Stoll
Sound: Jürgen Göpfert
Producer: Gabriele Lohnert
Production Company: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG
Editor: Gabriele Heuser
TV channel: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)