Friday, 5/16/2014

Apply Now: Video Art Contest

Experimental Videos and Music in Munich's Milla Club

Apply Now: Video Art Contest

Milla is one of Munich's leading underground clubs, and this year it will host a video art contest for the Filmfest, under the title "The Explorer Series: The Invisible City Symphonies."

The contest will be held by Berlin art collective Videokills, who have had installations in London, Barcelona and Brooklyn. Interested video artists and musicians can apply by June 1 at (guidelines below). The experimental films shoukld be 1-8 minutes in length and deal with the topic of The City in an innovative fashion. Musicians can apply with samples of their work, and will then recieve one of the sudbmitted videos to comose and perfom music to. These scores will performed live to the respective video at Milla on June 29 during the festival.

Admission costs 10 Euros or 8 Euros on advance reservation. The doors open at 8:00 pm, admission is free after 11 pm and there will be a party DJ'd by Fenster. Presented by Filmfest München and indie impresarios [fwd: like waves].

Download Application Guidelines  (PDF)