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Young Gods, Old Myths

18 New German Films

Young Gods, Old Myths

Welcome to Germany: Jacob Matschenz, Jerry Hoffmann, Benno Fürmann and Daniel Zillmann in HEIL


The New German Cinema sidebar at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN has earned itself a position as the leading platform for new German movies. The films in the sidebar by new filmmakers compete for the German Cinema New Talent Award, which carries a purse of €70 000. Last year, Munich launched the successful run of WE'RE THE NEW PEOPLE, which won the New Talent Award for best director (Ralf Westhoff) and went on to sell over 800 000 tickets at the German box office.

Alki AlkiAll my friends: ALKY ALKY

This year, the section welcomes back some of the leading young talents of German films: After double-billing in 2013 with I FEEL DISCO and REUBER, Axel Ranisch returns to Munich with ALKY ALKY: Ranisch's favorite lead  Heiko Pinkowski plays an alcoholic who carries on a conversation with his alco-ego, Bottle (Peter Trabner). After MOVE (Filmfest 2012) and STATIONS OF THE CROSS, Dietrich Brüggemann presents HEIL in Munich, an over-the-top comedy about a black writer (Jerry Hoffmann), who goes to a reading in an East German hick town and runs afoul of Benno Fürmann and Jakob Matschenz as neo-Nazis. After WORST CASE SCENARIO (Filmfest 2014), Franz Müller is back with HAPPY HOUR, a comedy about a group of three friends who escape to an Irish cottage to help Hans-Christian get over his break-up  –  with lots of whiskey and comic attempts at male binding. Happy HourBit o' the blarney: Mehdi Nebbou, Simon Licht and Alexander Hörbe in HAPPY HOUR

Big stars in the sidebar include Christian Ulmen as a music teacher in BECK'S LAST SUMMER, who mentors a Lithuanian boy genius, and Christoph Maria Herbst as parole officer who winds up on the wrong side of the law in THE SMALL AND THE WICKED. BOY 7 is based on the hit Dutch young-adult novel by Mirjam Mous. The German version follows a Dutch adaptation released in February 2015, and stars David Kross (THE READER) and Emilia Schüle: A young man wakes up in a subway tunnel and can't remember who he is or why he's being chased by dark powers. A dystopian sci-fi thriller for fans of DIVERGENT and HUNGER GAMES.

KleinenBösenA slippery slope: Christoph Maria Herbst and Peter Kurth in THE SMALL AND THE WICKED

DER NACHTMAHR directed by Akiz also deals in genre visions, in which 16-year-old Tina (Carolyn Genzkow) encounters a monster – a modern version of Goethe's "Erl King" starring Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, Sina Tkotsch und ex-Sonic Youth bass player Kim Gordon. OUTSIDE THE BOX directed by Philip Koch, shows what happens when a corporate team-building exercise spirals dangerously out of control. Starring Volker Bruch, Lavinia Wilson, Vicky Krieps, Samuel Finzi and Hanns Zischler. In THE PROCEDURE by Romanian-born director Alexander Costea, an undercover cop (Max Wagner) investigates a murder case in which an outsider is the main suspect, by emulating his lifestyle – with unexpected results.

Schau mich nicht so anLove triangle in DON'T LOOK AT ME THAT WAY

In BABAI, director Visar Morina, born in Prishtina, now living in Cologne, recounts the story of a 10-year-old boy who sets out from Kosovo to find his father in Germany. Mongolian-born Uisenma Borchu, who now goes to film school in Munich, tells the challenging story of a dramatic lesbian love triangle in DON'T LOOK AT ME THAT WAY, in which she stars along with Catrina Stemmer and German vet Josef Bierbichler.

Coconut HeroWelcome to Faintville: Alex Ozerov in COCONUT HERO

COCONUT HERO by director Florian Cossen (THE DAY I WAS NOT BORN, 2010) is a German-Canadian indie comedy - shot in English: Mike dreams of disappearing from the world. He shoots himself in the head - but wakes up in the hospital. His view of life changes when he meets Miranda... NIGHTSESSION directed by Philipp Dettmer follows a gang of Munich skaterats cruising through the night, a fascinating look at an underground lifestyle.

NightsessionSkaterats: NIGHTSESSION by Philipp Dettmer

Actress Annika Blendl now helms documentary exposé INSTANT LUNATIC along with film school colleague Leonie Stade, about the well-known case of a local Bavarian man who was unjustly condemned to the asylum. In anarchist documentary PROJECT A, two local filmmakers travel to the far ends of Europe – Portugal and Grece – searching for utopian alternatives to the reigning status quo. Mechanisms of power are also the subject of CIVIL SERVANTS directed by Marie Wilke, who looks behind the scenes of a police academy in Saxony-Anhalt, co-edited by doc vet Jan Soldat.

StaatsdienerPolice Academy: CIVIL SERVANTS by Marie Wilke

Structures of media power and seduction are also the topic of documentary OVERGAMES directed by Lutz Dammbeck, examining the pathologies of our society as manifested in TV entertainment. And THE BODY OF THIS DEATH directed by Rudolf Domke follows a drop-out sect to the end of the world in Paraguay, where they lose their spiritual leader and their orientation and have to come to terms with finding their own way.

New German Cinema at Filmfest 2015 – come explore new boundaries of cinema!

Boy 7Underwater Love: David Kross and Emilia Schüle in BOY 7


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