Sunday, 6/25/2017

Digging to Oz: SUGAR SAND

Bernd-Burgemeister-Preis for East German Boy's Adventure

Valentin Wessely and Tilman Döbler in SUGAR SAND


The Bernd Burgemeister Prize for the best German TV movie was awarded to SUGAR SAND by director Dirk Kummer tonight. The East German youth adventure about two boys (stellar: Tilman Döbler and Valentin Wessely) who decide to dig a tunnel to Australia, was produced by Jakob Claussen and Uli Putz for BR, ARD Degeto, and MDR pubwebs. Network producers were Claudia Simionescu (BR), Christine Strobl (Degeto), Jana Brandt (MDR) and Stephanie Dörner (MDR). The adult leads were Katharina Marie Schubert, Christian Friedel and Deborah Kaufmann.

The prize is donated by the rights society VFF and carries a purse of 25,000 Euros. The Jury consisted of producers Kerstin Schmidbauer (Constantin Television) and Sven Nuri (Toccata Film), chaired by producer Ulrich Lenze (ARD and ZDF).

Tickets are still available for ZUCKERSAND on Friday, June 30 at 10:00 pm in HFF Kino 1. Director Dirk Kummer will be present and answer questions from the audience.