Monday, 6/12/2017

CineVision: The World Comes To Us

12 International Newcomers in Competition

Noée Abita and Ismaël Capelot in AVA


The films in competition for the CineVision Award donated by MPLC Germany are the 12 most exciting international newcomers of this year's program. With daring themes and uncompromising narrative style, formal innovation, and visionary visuals, our CineVision competition offers a high-profile forum to exceptional new directors and their courageous producers. This is the section to turn to if you want to see the strongest, most ground-breaking newcomer films from Chile to Australia – a filmic trip around the world this year!

To begin with a journey within this journey: Felipe Barbosa, who screened CASA GRANDE at the Filmfest 2014, sets out on a breathtaking quest to East Africa in GABRIEL AND THE MOUNTAIN. Traces of the past are also the issue in Chilean social drama LOS PERROS by Marcela Said (who screened THE SUMMER OF THE FLYING FISH 2013 at Munich). Latin American cinema keeps digging in the wounds of its own past with vibrant new stories.

Florence Pugh in LADY MACBETH

GOOK by Justin Chon evokes U.S. indie cinema, which has always been a mainstay at Munich. The winner of the NEXT Audience Award in Sundance is a journey back to the L.A. riots of 1992, seen from an Asian-American point of view.

Another strong entry from Southeast Africa, from Zambia. Rungano Nyoni, who grew up in Wales of a Zambian family, recounts the true but hard-to-believe story of girls sent to witch's camp in I AM NOT A WITCH. British costumer LADY MACBETH also deals with male domination, helmed by stage director William Oldroyd, featuring breakout star Florence Pugh. Erotic passion in Victorian North-West England, an emotional tightrope act feted by Variety.

An outstanding debut reaches us from film powerhouse France,  AVA by Léa Mysius, one of the major discoveries at Cannes 2017 and one of the key films of our 2017 Filmfest theme, "Youth on the Move", as is A CIAMBRA by Italian director Jonas Carpignano (who screened MEDITERRANEA at Munich 2015). AVA and A CIAMBRA are among the strongest films of the year, visually compelling, socially aware and compellingly acted by a young cast of outcasts who invent their very own cosmos!

José Smith Vargas in A FÁBRICA DE NADA

Portuguese entry THE NOTHING FACTORY by Pedro Pinho is equally engaging, the story of factory workers doomed to do nothing who decide to devote themselves whole-heartedly to their task: A paean to our second theme this year, "Creative Resistance".

Kantemir Balagov's CLOSENESS from Russian presents a unique new voice of international film we are sure to hear more of. His very personal story from remote Nalchik province portrays a Jewish family surrounded and threatened by Muslim radicals. Another hot-button issue in PARTING, the debut by Iranian Navid Mahmoudi, which tells of Afghan refugees in modern-day Iran on the way to trhe promised land in Europe.

Ashley Cummings in HOUNDS OF LOVE

Young Chinese director Wang Xuebo abducts us into a mythical, remote world of contemplation in KNIFE IN THE CLEAR WATER, a magnificent example of how the private can be political, social dynamite in rural China, as an old man tries to save his beloved bull from sacrifice.

Our filmic trip around the world ends with a nightmare based on a true story: HOUNDS OF LOVE is a dark claustrophobic thriller, irresistibly tightly woven  – a journey into the night of perverse desire – not for the weak at heart!

Bernhard Karl

The CineVision award winner will be screened on Sat. July 1 at 10:30 pm in the Rio 2.

Fereshteh Hosseini in PARTING