Wednesday, 6/14/2017

The Opening Film: Claire Denis

Juliette Binoche in BRIGHT SUNSHINE IN

Juliette Binoche as Isabelle in BRIGHT SUNSHINE IN

June 22 is the big day: The grand opening ceremony of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, each year featuring a very special opening film. Last year, TONI ERDMANN directed by Maren Ade opened a fantastic festival week. This year, a stunning opening film by an amazing woman will again launch the festivities.

Since the 1980s, French top director Claire Denis has been one of the trademark voices of international arthouse. The Berlin Gold Bear and Locarno Gold Leopard winner will present her latest, Cannes competition entry UN BEAU SOLEIL INTÉRIEUR, at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN.

The inestimable Juliette Binoche plays Isabelle, a divorced Paris painter and single mom in search of true love. Her ex is accommodating and attentive, maybe even open for another try? But Isabelle, still sexy at 50, meets other men, too: the "Bastard" banker Vincent, who flaunts his machismo and love of abusing others so much she loses interest in sex. Or the handsome young actor who can't make up his mind. Both men are married, of course.

Isabelle keeps an open mind, and lets it all happen, thinking it's the only way to find love. Nonetheless, she feels like laughing one moment, crying the next. A gripping and thoughtful reflection on where relationships have got us and where love has gone.

Finding Mr. Right remains an elusive challenge, even for a character as beautiful as that played by Binoche. Claire Denis knows how to combine everyday drama, romance and tragicomedy with minute and precise obervation. BRIGHT SUNSHINE IN is the international release title of UN BEAU SOLEIL INTÉRIEUR. Why doesn't she let the sun shine in, says Gérard Depardieu, the New Age clairvoyant. Her knight in shining armor will show up one day, he predicts, maybe meaning himself. Que sera, sera...