Wednesday, 4/11/2018


The #ffmuc 2018 poster puts the audience in the spotlight: YOU!

The aesthetics of #ffmuc 2018!

Last year, the visual communications of #ffmuc were adorned by some of the great figures of film history. This year, in the familiar hues of turquoise and magenta, we see film buffs and audiovisual aficionados: YOU, our audience!

The design is the work of French illustrator Quentin Monge. He takes graphic patterns and weaves them into imagined scenes, somewhere between pop art, colorful camouflage and minimalist design. His patterns shimmer like the summer heat of his home city, St. Tropez — and the traditionally hot days of the Film Festival in Munich!

“Naturally, the sunglasses continue to play their part as a symbol of Germany’s largest summer film festival,” says Manuel Trüdinger. Since 2012, his design studio Abc&D has shaped the look and visual communications of #ffmuc. For five of those years, the aesthetic was dominated by Munich artist René Birkner, the painter of movie billboards — remember?

Last year saw a fine-tuning when Italian illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli made striking sunglasses from film classics a central element of the Festival’s visual communications. Bold colors, distinct shapes, dynamic silhouettes — let’s reminisce...

While searching for a comparable yet distinctive style of illustration for 2018, Manuel Trüdinger and his colleagues at Abc&D found Quentin Monge, who, instead of zooming in on individual persons, has put the audience in focus: “His style is haptic and intense. As in shimmering summer heat, the shapes and colors blur into a free-flowing pattern like that of a summer dress.” We won’t blame you for thinking of camouflage, since cloaking, mimicry and masks are ultimately the material from which the most thrilling cinematic content is woven.