Thursday, 4/26/2018


Children's films at Kinderfilmfest 2018


The animals are loose at #ffmuc Kinderfilmfest 2018! They're caught up in exciting, dangerous, funny, and heartwarming — in short, human — situations. It's great cinema for young and old alike.

In the opening film, I AM WILLIAM, the protagonist of the title meets some gangsters — and confidently turns this acquaintance to his advantage. Bernard, as well, comes into his own while in a dangerous situation: as the kidnapping victim in KIDBUSTERS, the lonely son of a banker goes on a genuine adventure. ROSIE & MOUSSA become friends in a Brussels high-rise, while Dhunu and her friends in rural India dream of being VILLAGE ROCKSTARS and Silvia, a GIRL IN FLIGHT, meets a Roma girl and goes on an adventure in the Italian capital. The animated MARY AND THE WITCH'S FLOWER uplifts us with magical images, while in 100% COCO the heroine of the title honors Coco Chanel, who inspired her name, by wearing a tiger mask and blossoming as a fashion guru.




Speaking of flowers and blossoming: we go from flora to fauna — as all sorts of animals abound at the Kinderfilmfest, going on adventures with all-too-human themes. Chicks going through an identity crisis confuse their adoptive father, the titular hero of THE BIG BAD FOX AND OTHER TALES. Frog detective GORDON & PADDY the mouse keep the forest and its inhabitants safe, while in ERNEST & CÉLESTINE a mouse and a bear become friends. The animals are loose in the program of short films, "Shorts for Kids 5 and Up", as well: there are stories of a thieving rat, a bear and a bee, a mosquito and even a cockroach.




The cockroach, from the French short film MOON GIRL, has an important role in a sound workshop in which children are invited to use all kinds of musical instruments to add a further layer of sound to this musical film. Child reporters are once again called to action, while the Bundesverband Jugend und Film (BJF), the German Federation of Film Clubs for Children and Young People, will offer its traditional seminar to accompany the festival. And once more, the traditional Kinderfilmfest Audience Award will be presented: 1,000 euros, sponsored this year for the first time by the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ Familie).