Monday, 5/28/2018


FILMFEST MÜNCHEN's youth event




When older people speak of "these kids today", they usually don't mean it positively. Not so at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, which is once again offering a youth event. Watching streaming movies on a laptop alone is an ordinary experience for any teenager. Cinema can offer so much more: a shared live experience. At the film festival, this even includes meeting stars as well as other film addicts. This year and every year, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN wishes to offer entertainment on the big screen to young people aged 14 to 24.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD is the third film that director and screenplay author Aron Lehmann will have shown at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. In 2012, he contributed his zany KOHLHAAS OR THE PROPORTIONALITY OF MEANS, and his 2016 film THE LAST PIG gave us a road trip through southwestern Germany in the New German Cinema section. His contribution this year not only turns the spotlight on himself in the Spotlight section, but in cooperation with Tobis Film forms a highlight as a youth event.

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When he dons his golden mask and puts up his black hoodie, shy outsider Cyril becomes a confident master of beats and rhymes. As the bass booms, he spits one rhyme after another, always hitting his target. It's not a coincidence that this young rapper is named Cyril. His oversized proboscis is reminiscent of that of Gérard Depardieu in the role of CYRANO DE BERGERAC, the master of eloquence, whose classic tale Aron Lehmann transposes to the digital age.


Object of desire: To Cyril and Benno, Roxy is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD


Cyril considers his new classmate Roxy to be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD. He's not the only one; Rick, a rather dimwitted pretty boy, and Benno, a ladies' man, think so, too. Wanting to protect the object of his affection, Cyril becomes a ghostwriter to Rick, feeding him romantic messages and sweet songs: "You're the hero of the block. Your confidence level is God's," Cyril dictates into his smartphone. Like in a music video, he and Rick polish the sounds and verses, whether they're in a youth hostel, on a rooftop patio, or in a bathroom with gray and green tiles: "Whenever I see you, I have to leave. I turn red when you smile at me."

Rising stars Aaron Hilmer as rapping Cyril, Luna Wedler as stubborn Roxy, and Damian Hardung as Rick make it fun to watch THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD, just as well-known performers Anke Engelke as Cyril's mother and Heike Makatsch and Johannes Allmayer as nagging teachers can excite earlier generations of young people.


Anke Engelke and Heike Makatsch are also part of the picture


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