Wednesday, 5/2/2018

It's a natural alliance

FILMFEST MÜNCHEN announces its new main sponsor: TELE 5     

FILMFEST MÜNCHEN and TELE 5: A natural alliance

We've got a lot in common: our love of good films. That's why TELE 5 and FILMFEST MÜNCHEN have agreed to a long-term, strategic partnership that will be much closer than a sponsor's usual involvement.

Diana Iljine, director of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, says: "TELE 5 has been bringing cinema to television for years. Led by its motto 'Different is better', the station keeps its finger on the pulse of the times, with fresh film series and great movies. We're very proud to have found an excellent partner for FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in TELE 5."

It's a natural alliance: a Munich TV station that shows more than 1,000 international films each year and an international film festival that presents some 200 new films in Munich each year.

Kai Blasberg, chief executive of TELE 5, says: "We're more than a sponsor. We're festival, too. We wouldn't be TELE 5 if we didn't do things DIFFERENTLY. We see our role as a partner in supporting FILMFEST MÜNCHEN by doing what we do best: communications. We've prepared some highlights that we will announce at the appropriate time."

Part of the program is already set: in addition to co-branding, high-class events will also take place — such as an evening of "D Movies" featuring BANG BOOM BANG and LAMMBOCK, presented by their respective directors, Peter Thorwart and Christian Zübert. Two additional TELE 5 series will each have an evening devoted to them: "SKANDAL (Scandal) – Films That Made History", attended by director and TELE 5 program host Oskar Roehler, and "SchleFaZ – Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten (The Worst Films of All Time)", whose hosts, Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten, will of course be there in person.

The musical highlight: TELE 5 and the group FILMFONIKER will give a special concert at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. Guest stars such as opera singer Anna Karmasin, Nico Gomez, known from "The Voice of Germany", and Ryk, who will be singing with FILMFONIKER instead of at the European Song Contest in Lisbon, will perform THE BEST MOVIE SONGS OF ALL TIME at the Philharmonic Hall at the Gasteig in Munich.