Sunday, 7/1/2018

Encounters with stars


Encounters with stars


A particularly worthwhile aspect of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is the way that movie directors, their cast and crews not only present their work in person, but also discuss their films after the screenings and at the daily Filmmakers Live! events at the Gasteig. FILMFEST MÜNCHEN offers a forum for encounters between audiences and film professionals and thus a way of getting a better look at their cinematic efforts. Whatever you've always wanted to ask the filmmakers, you can do it here! Best of all: Filmmakers Live! is open to the public free of charge. Some of the events are streamed live via our Facebook page, and some of the Filmmakers Live! discussions are carried live on the large video screen in the main part (Glashalle) of the Gasteig, one floor up from the main entrance.

Several interesting panel discussions revolve around the future of German cinema. Using the example of German mumblecore and young, new filmmakers, images and labels are discussed, as are the financing of German genre films and the future of serial narratives in Germany. Additionally, high-caliber guests will participate in podium discussions on German documentary films and in a Filmmakers Live! discussion that will give an initial impression of the eight-part miniseries DAS BOOT.

A fascinating look at the current state of international cinema is offered in the Filmmakers Live! discussion KOREA: AGAINST THE MAINSTREAM, in which directors and film professionals talk about current trends in Korean cinema. Renowned director Jia Zhang-Ke (ASH IS PUREST WHITE) will talk about Chinese cinema, which is represented particularly well at this year's festival, at a Filmmakers Live! discussion entitled THE CHINESE CINEMA MIRACLE. Naturally, discussions about Italian and French cinema are also scheduled.

CineMerit Award-winner Emma Thompson at FILMMAKERS LIVE!

Not one, but two high-caliber Filmmakers Live! panels will discuss Spanish-language cinema. One will discuss the latest trends in Latin American cinema, the other SOCIETY AND HORROR: NEW CINEMA FROM LATIN AMERICA AND SPAIN.

Filmmakers Live! also focuses on individual guests and their work. Director Margarethe von Trotta will present her new film, IN SEARCH OF INGMAR BERGMAN. Director Jennifer Fox will talk to Sol Bondy about her semi-autobiographical film THE TALE. Director Andrew Niccols will answer questions about this year's closing film, ANON. Actress Amanda Plummer will be present at Filmmakers Live! as will the team from BLACK COP.

Naturally, this year's guests of honor, Lucrecia Martel, Philip Gröning, and Terry Gilliam, will be here in person as well. On our Facebook page, you'll also find a video of our live discussion with CineMerit Award-winner Emma Thompson.

Admission to the Filmmakers Live! events is free of charge, but requires a ticket. Please be sure to get your tickets in time — either here in our WebShop or at our Filmfest box offices. Please note that the program or the times of specific events may change.