Friday, 6/8/2018

Young reporters make it big

The "Fame Socken Reporter" want to be film journalists

"A film journalist": that's what Valentina, Anne, Marlon, Bela, Vinz, Annie, Pauline, Lilli, Carlotta, Anna, Zita, and Ferdinand want to be. The 12 pupils from the Integrative Montessori Schule an der Balanstrasse will be attending FILMFEST MÜNCHEN as child reporters.

When the Kinderfilmfest (KFF) starts on June 29, the "Fame Socken Reporter", as they call themselves, will be on site not only to view such KFF films as 100 % COCO and KIDBUSTERS, but also to review them. Staff at the Medienzentrum München of the JFF – Institut für Medienpädagogik are preparing them for the job. The children are learning about the tools a film reporter uses, trying out professional equipment such as recording devices and microphones, and writing their first reviews.

Annabelle Jüppner from the Medienzentrum München

The film reviews they create during the Kinderfilmfest will of course be published: at their own blog,, at artechock, in the Munich Abendzeitung, and in various other media. The kids will have taken their first steps toward becoming film reporters!

Not only the "Fame Socken Reporter", but also the Trailerkids from the Grundschule an der Herrnstrasse, will be putting their creativity to the test. They've produced a trailer for Kinderfilmfest 2018 which will be shown prior to every children's film.

There's more:

A further initiative of Medienzentrum München is PIXEL, the space for media, culture, and participation at the Gasteig, which during #ffmuc will become FILMFEST.STATION: "We'll listen to music, talk, and reflect on the films we've seen."