Monday, 6/4/2018


Eight series. Four German productions. Three world premieres. FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is presenting an impressive range of television series.

Not just wellness: TV series at #ffmuc

The productions that FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is showing in cooperation with SERIENCAMP demonstrate what's new in the area of quality TV series. In the Series Spotlight section, criminal entanglements take center stage, while the New German TV Series section is chiefly concerned with secrets from the past in order to get the best possible start for the future: The past is now!

The best detective series were never only about who did it and how he (or she) could be caught. That also goes for the series in Series Spotlight. Different points of view intersect, genuine or suspected perpetrators carry out their nefarious deeds or attempt to prove their innocence, and scenes of escape and apprehension offer vivid imagery, be it claustrophobic imagery in a series from a neighboring country or the wide, open spaces of the Outback in a series that literally comes from the other side of the world. The borders have been open for a long time. American series are no longer the only ones to offer a globalized thrill, and the madmen from Stephen King's stories drive German cars.

In MYSTERY ROAD from Australia, the shadows of secrets from the past extend all the way to the present. Deep in the Outback, a detective is searching for two farmhands who have disappeared. As it becomes ever more likely that a crime was committed, the loner must bring it upon himself to collaborate with a local policewoman.

In the Canadian crime series CAUGHT, an escaped convict is running for his life in New Brunswick. The police are hot on his heels with rifles and bloodhounds. For five years, the convict was behind bars. His escape leads him to the love of his life, to his former colleagues in the drug-dealing business, and to an adventurous con artist who might be able to save him. From New Brunswick to Montreal to Mexico to Colombia, the journey is one across North and South America in search of something he's never had: justice.


The bank robbers in the Belgian series THE DAY also want to escape. One day, two stories, dozens of points of view. Outside, the police are looking for a way to end the incident without bloodshed. Inside, the hostages are looking for a way to survive, while the criminals are looking for lots of money — or just a way to escape. The episodes alternate between the perspectives of the perpetrators and those who are trying to catch them.

In the US series MR. MERCEDES, based on a bestseller by Stephen King, an ex-cop goes on a private crusade to stop a psychopathic killer before another victim is claimed — even if his methods are not always legal.

The highlight among the New German TV Series is the first episode of the lavish ZDF production of PERFUME by director Philipp Kadelbach, who was honored with an Emmy Award for the hit series UNSERE MÜTTER, UNSERE VÄTER. Based on motives of Patrick Süskind's bestseller "Perfum", the series sets the olfactory search for power and love in 2018. Somewhere in the lower Rhine Valley, a brutal series of murders preoccupies a young case analyst known for her idiosyncratic methods of investigation. A clue leads to the past: to five boarding-school pupils experimenting with the secret of human scent. On June 29, series leads August Diehl, Friederike Becht, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Ken Duken, Trystan Pütter, Marc Hosemann, and Jürgen Maurer, as well as director Philipp Kadelbach and scriptwriter Eva Kranenburg, will attend the world premiere. There, audiences can get their first impression of a series that raises existential questions: What if fiction overtakes fact? And what if emotions can be manipulated — and no one has anything left to lose?

Danger arises in the olfactory laboratory: PERFUME

THE TYPIST, also a ZDF production, is also about the past. The daughter of a typist who works for the Berlin state police disappeared without a trace 11 years ago. When the typist comes across a case that reminds her of her daughter, she decides to hunt down the truth, come what may.

LABAULE & SONS, an SWR production, is the story of a family. When the patriarch of a family-owned publishing house dies, his offspring spar over the inheritance. According to the will, one of his sons is supposed to take over at the company. But the bon vivant, whose profession has been son, husband, and devoted father to two grown children, has never set foot in the publishing house. Selling the company to the tabloid competition isn't an option either. How should the family business develop?

That's a question that also applies to the BR production SERVUS BABY, in which everything revolves around a personal future. What happens when you're a woman in her early 30s who's suddenly single again? Or when too many men are in play? Or when you've chosen the wrong definition for love all these years? Or when there's no husband material in sight? The only solution seems to be to fall in love, reproduce, find a career and a place to live, especially in beautiful Munich.

Life's serial entanglements