Friday, 7/6/2018

The film festival from the couch

Festival Scope: the online platform for movie-lovers

The film festival from the couch

On skateboards through the streets of New York: SKATE KITCHEN

Enjoy FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in the comfort of your own living room! Festival Scope makes it possible. This online platform brings together all the films showing at festivals around the world. Award-winning films showing in Cannes, Rotterdam, Locarno, and other locations can be viewed while each of those festivals is ongoing. What makes this platform special is the fact that audiences have access to independent movie productions that aren't showing at a theater nearby. This year, for the first time, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN has joined forces with Festival Scope to offer 14 feature and documentary films. These are available for viewing online from the day after their premiere until July 11. Only viewers in Germany have access to this initiative. Tickets are sold for €3 via the Festival Scope website. It pays to be quick, because there are only a limited number of tickets for each film.

The offer includes: Canadian police thriller BLACK COP, in which a black police officer struggles with racism in both his personal and his professional life. In the Iranian film BLOCKAGE, Qassem, a municipal employee in Teheran, fights illegal roadside commerce, though he himself is quite amenable to bribes. GIRL IN FLIGHT is the story of an unusual friendship between 11-year-old Silvia and Emina, a somewhat older Roma girl. THE GREAT BUDDHA+ is a lucid commentary on the divisions in Taiwanese society, while JIMMIE relates the chaotic, traumatic experience of fleeing one's country from the perspective of a child. THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL plays on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale. LOVE AND BULLETS by the Brothers Manetti is a gangster comedy with funny musical numbers and lavish choreography. In M, a bus stop becomes the location of a romantic encounter, while in SKATE KITCHEN a girl gang on skateboards rules the streets of New York. SO HELP ME GOD is an unusual documentary about a tough coroner in Brussels who after 20 years reopens a case of the murder of two prostitutes. SULTRY tells of gentrification and a housing shortage in Rio de Janeiro as the Olympic Games draw near. In the city of Rome as well, the protagonists in the Italian ensemble film TAINTED SOULS are involved in criminal activity. A truly apocalyptic part of Accra, Ghana, is the setting of the documentary WELCOME TO SODOM: the largest electronic waste dump in the world, in which 6,000 people live and work. Finally, in ZAMA, we meet a sad officer of the Spanish crown who spends his days waiting in vain to be transferred home.

Take your film festival home! Even after FILMFEST MÜNCHEN ends, the films will be accessible until July 11.

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