Monday, 7/2/2018

A colorful rainbow of films

Queer cinema at #ffmuc

A colorful rainbow of films

NINA discovers a new range of emotions

During her Filmmakers Live! talk (minute 22–23), the great Emma Thompson lamented the exclusion of lesbian women and themes in film discourse. Yet the world of cinema and television is as colorful as a rainbow and as diverse as our society. That's why in 2018, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is once again showing lots of queer films.

It's no coincidence that most of the LGBTQ productions are being shown as INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENTS. After all, this section is known for its interest in less streamlined characters who step outside the usual boundaries and exist beyond the norms of society. Often enough, the queer moment serves to conjure up artistic visions as well as visions of society.


In countries like Poland, for example, adapting a queer story for the big screen may certainly be understood as giving the finger to social utopia. Olga Chajdas' debut film is an intense portrait of a strong woman that lives from its energetic sensuality. One day, NINA crashes into a car driven by an attractive woman named Magda. Like a loud bang, this encounter opens up a new range of emotions for Nina. While her boyfriend Wojtek devises a plan to persuade Magda to be a surrogate mother to their child, Nina falls madly in love with her.

Young lesbian women were given a difficult time in 1990s America as well. THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST (USA 2018) is based on Emily Danforth's novel of the same title. The protagonist in the rural United States is caught making out in a car with another girl. She is sent to a re-education camp, where a heavy dose of Christianity is supposed to put her back on track. "Pray away the gay!" Couldn't be simpler, could it?

The situation of CARMEN & LOLA in the SPOTLIGHT section is different, yet in some ways the same. As a member of a Roma clan, Carmen is destined to live the same life as every other woman: getting married and having as many children as possible. When she encounters Lola and her unconventional attitude, however, she must decide whether to adopt the traditional ways or follow a new and exciting but uphill path.

Glittering parallel worlds: MY OWN PRIVATE HELL and POSTCARDS FROM LONDON

Naturally, our LGBTQ productions don't just tell stories about women.

TAINTED SOULS , for example, tells the story of Marcello, a former bodybuilder from the working class who has a homosexual affair with a bourgeois professor. The emotions in this film are as opaque as the building speculation in and around Rome. Souls are tainted, and contact with the criminal milieu is, as the Italian title IL CONTAGIO suggests, a contagion.

In MY OWN PRIVATE HELL, Brazilian bohemians have found their utopia: Wonder Woman, Mickey Mouse, and Wolverine, gay, lesbian, and hetero, are committed allies in their glittery society. It's not easy to find true love here as both gangsters and property investors threaten to break into the sweet-and-sour alternative world of this chamber play.

In POSTCARDS FROM LONDON, hypersensitive Jim ends up in the British capital among the "Raconteurs", a group of male prostitutes obsessed with art and sex. Jim takes on the role of an art appraiser, but due to a psychosomatic disorder succumbs more and more to hallucinations that blur the line between art and life.

Queer cinema made in Germany

LGBTQ stories are not just being left to international productions. In the NEW GERMAN TV SERIES section, Nana Neul tells the story of a lesbian couple who are becoming a rainbow family thanks to artificial insemination. But when the biological mother dies in an accident before the adoption papers have been approved, the co-mother must fight a battle for OUR CHILD. The NEW GERMAN CINEMA section has more of a trans than a gay entry, since Kim wants a penis: EVERYTHING ALWAYS ALL THE TIME.

 A queer film sparkling with glitter: DIAMANTINO

There's also a colorful rainbow entry in the CineVision competition: DIAMANTINO is a political soccer science-fiction thriller sparkling with queer glitter. Speaking of competition, don't forget to vote! All LGBTQ productions are eligible for the BAYERN 2 AND SZ AUDIENCE AWARD — and the voting public can win a trip for two to Venice.