Monday, 5/13/2019

CineCoPro Award

New Generous Co-Production Award at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN

CineCoPro Award

The Red Carpet is waiting for the new award

The 100,000-euro CineCoPro Award is the most generous award for German co-producers of international co-productions. It will be presented as part of a curated competition at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2019.


This year at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, the 100,000-euro CineCoPro Award will be presented. As many as ten international co-productions involving German co-producers will compete for this unique prize in a special section of the program. All of the nominated films will be celebrating their world premiere or their German premiere in Munich.

"This magnificent new award, the most generous award in existence for German co-productions, will give the recipients new leeway for future film projects. We see this as an opportunity to bolster German co-productions internationally," says Diana Iljine, director of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. "This will make us the central hub of the German co-production industry and its international partners."

The CineCoPro Award will be curated by the FILMFEST MÜNCHEN program team. A three-person panel of international judges will select the winning film. 

The 100,000-euro prize money is freely available to the award recipients for a subsequent co-production. The award is funded by an additional subsidy provided to FILMFEST MÜNCHEN by the Bavarian Ministry of Digital Affairs. Minister Judith Gerlach says, "FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is a very special event whose appeal extends well beyond Munich itself. With the CineCoPro Award and the corresponding section of films, the festival now has yet another attraction. For more than a week, we welcome film enthusiasts from around the world. We of course want to show them what an outstanding location Bavaria is for film."

The award will be presented on Friday, July 5, 2019.

The precise rules of the CineCoPro Award competition and for participating films will be announced soon on the FILMFEST MÜNCHEN website.