Monday, 5/20/2019

Awards at the 37th FILMFEST MÜNCHEN

Margot Hielscher Award, Starter Film Awards, and Cinema Awards added

Louis Garrel (© Shanna Besson)


This year, four new awards will be presented at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. In addition to the CineCoPro Award, these include the 10,000-euro Margot Hielscher Award. Additionally, the Cinema Awards (Kinoprogrammpreise) and the Starter Film Awards (Starter-Filmpreise) will for the first time be presented during FILMFEST MÜNCHEN.


Margot Hielscher Award

This year, at the 37th FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, the newly established Margot Hielscher Award will be presented for the first time. This award is for an outstanding national or international artistic personality who in his or her youth demonstrated versatility and achievement in various cultural disciplines. This year, the award will go to French actor and director Louis Garrel. The 10,000-euro prize money is donated by media publisher Peter Graf von Schall-Riaucour, the nephew of actress and singer Margot Hielscher, who passed away in 2017. Von Schall-Riaucour is the son of Margot Hielscher's 97-year-old sister Anita.

The award ceremony will be in honor and in memory of Margot Hielscher, who would have celebrated her 100th birthday this year. Hielscher began her career as a costume designer in film, was soon thereafter discovered for the silver screen, and became an international celebrity. In addition to her major roles in film and television, she was also a talk-show host, an actress in stage productions and musicals, and a singer, twice representing West Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest. Hielscher, who made Munich her home, never let herself be typecast. Her work as host of the first German late-night talk show made her a pioneer. This versatility as an artist is the basis of the Margot Hielscher Award, which deliberately honors young, multitalented artists.

In honoring Louis Garrel, the 2019 award will be presented to a French artist of exceptional talent. This year, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is showing A FAITHFUL MAN, the latest film directed by the 35-year-old artist, who also co-wrote its screenplay and took on one of its leading roles. Garrel achieved his international breakthrough at the age of 20 with a leading role in Bernardo Bertolucci's THE DREAMERS. In 2015, Garrel celebrated his debut as director with TWO FRIENDS.

"This award is absolutely what my aunt would have wanted," says benefactor Peter Graf von Schall-Riaucour. "She was always thinking internationally and was a great admirer of French cinema. Thus I am extraordinarily pleased with the choice of our award-winner, Louis Garrel. I'm very proud of my aunt, who brought joy to so many people, and I hope that this award will perpetuate her name and recall her magnificent achievements."

The award-winner was selected by FILMFEST MÜNCHEN's curating team in coordination with the benefactor of the award. The award is also made possible by the support of former Munich mayor Christian Ude.

The Margot Hielscher Award will be presented on Wednesday, July 3, 2019, during a festive gala in the Carl-Orff-Saal at the Gasteig. Musical accompaniment will be provided by Götz Alsmann as well as by Alice and Ellen Kessler, friends and companions of Margot Hielscher whose relationship to her was one of mutual respect and admiration. Immediately following the presentation of the award, Garrel's film A FAITHFUL MAN will be shown in its German premiere.


The City of Munich's Starter Film Awards

Awarded since 1985, the presentation of the City of Munich's Starter-Filmpreise has a long tradition. This year for the first time, the event will be held at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. Each year, three Starter Film Awards of 6,000 euros each are given to artistically outstanding films, particularly those by young, unestablished Munich filmmakers, in order to support the next generation of aspiring, innovative directors. Previous award recipients include established German directors such as Maren Ade, Philip Gröning, and Oliver Haffner.

The Starter Film Awards will be presented on Friday, June 28, 2019 at 2 p.m. in the Carl-Orff-Saal at the Gasteig.


The City of Munich's Cinema Awards

The City of Munich's Kinoprogrammpreise or Cinema Awards, established in 2002, will this year for the first time be presented at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. Each year, six awards, worth 7,500 euros each, recognize smaller committed cinemas in order to accentuate their important role in maintaining Munich's diverse cinema culture. Recognition is given to the efforts by the cinema operators to offer a substantial and diverse program of films. This award is intended to create awareness and recognition of the artistic and sociocultural value of these programs. The prize money serves to assist the award recipients in carrying out and maintaining their high-quality operations and to safeguard the future of these cinemas.

The awards will be presented on Monday, July 1, 2019 at 2 p.m. in the Black Box at the Gasteig. A panel discussion titled "Quo vadis, Kino?" ("Quo vadis, cinema?") will follow the ceremony.

The 2019 award-winners are:

Thomas Kuchenreuther for the ABC Kino
Markus Eisele and Christian Pfeil for the Arena Filmtheater
Fritz and Christoph Pressmar for the Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor
Thomas Wilhelm for the Neues Rex Filmtheater
Elisabeth Kuonen-Reich (†) for the Rio Filmpalast
Wolfgang Bihlmeir, Bernd Brehmer, Doris Kuhn, and Erich Wagner for the Werkstattkino


In addition to the above-mentioned awards, the following awards will be presented at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2019:

CineMerit Award


CineVision Award

CineCoPro Award

German Cinema New Talent Award

Bernd Burgemeister TV Movie Award

BAYERN 2 and SZ Audience Award

Kinderfilmfest Audience Award



Children's media prize "The White Elephant"

13th Street Shocking Short

Fritz Gerlich Prize

Transmedia Prize