Monday, 6/24/2019


A very special moviegoing event


Big names on and in front of the screen: The directors and actors of BAUHAUS: A NEW ERA and LARA will be present for a Q & A after the respective world premieres at the ARRI Cinema

FILMFEST MÜNCHEN has traditionally worked with a wide range of movie theaters, each of which has its own history and inimitable charm. The ARRI Cinema is of course an important example, and following extensive renovation, its premises are now like new. No fewer than three auditoriums furnished with wide leather seats and the latest technology offer an inviting setting for a relaxing evening in extraordinary comfort. A drink at the theater's own bar or the nightlife in neighboring Schwabing will round things off.

FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is enhancing this special atmosphere by selecting a series of films that, as a unique event, will be shown simultaneously in all three auditoriums — each of them a world premiere and featuring a Q & A with the filmmakers afterward.

One of these films is LARA, the latest work by Jan-Ole Gerster. Seven years ago, we welcomed this filmmaker to Munich to present his multiple award-winning debut film OH BOY. His long-awaited second work will also be seen first at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN (July 2, 6:00 p.m.). This star-studded film tells the story of a mother who wants to attend, at all cost, an important piano concert given by her son. What ought to be a wonderful day, however, ends in absolute chaos.

Fans of TV miniseries should make a note of June 28 at 5:00 p.m. That's when all six episodes of BAUHAUS: A NEW ERA will be shown. In this series, Walter Gropius at age 80 looks back upon his long career as an architect and the exciting phase of the State Bauhaus in particular. This school of design, founded in 1919, vitally influenced the development of art, architecture, and design, and as such is considered one of the most significant institutions of the modern avant-garde.

Music Legends: Die Fantastischen Vier in VIER and ROCK'N'ROLL - THE STORY OF THE SPIFER MURPHY GANG

Pioneers of a very different art form is what one could undoubtedly call Die Fantastischen Vier. Germany's most successful hip-hop band has been going strong for 30 years, and its hits such as "Die da!?!", "Sie ist weg", and "MfG" are still familiar many years after they came out. What is it like to perform together and be in the spotlight for three decades? An answer is found in VIER (July 2, 9:00 p.m.), the first documentary devoted to the four men: an intimate and exclusive look behind the curtain at a band that wrote music history.

Music is also the subject of the fourth film that will be screened as an ASTOR event at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, namely GLORY DAYS OF ROCK ’N’ ROLL – THE STORY OF THE SPIDER MURPHY GANG (June 30, 5:00 p.m.). In this documentary, the members of this Bavarian rock band talk about their career and look back upon major achievements and great challenges. A must for fans: all the members of this cult band will be present at this world premiere.


Oliver Armknecht