Monday, 6/17/2019

Virtual Worlds

The new section on Virtual Reality

Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds can be everywhere: Felix&Paul's NOMADS: MAASAI

This year, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN will present its first section for Virtual Reality in collaboration with the Bavarian Film Centre. VIRTUAL WORLDS features a selection of the most innovative and important international VR experiences at Munich’s Isarforum from July 2 to July 4.

What happens when the boundaries between the real world and the digital world are transcended? When a quirky live stream suddenly becomes an undesired look at the darker side of one's own life? When a kind zombie feels like an outsider in his own community and looks elsewhere for affection? When a walk through the impressive halls of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame offers a vivid look at a place that no longer exists in that form? When Caspar David Friedrich's monk is suddenly no longer gazing longingly out to sea, but letting his gaze wander across the beach?

VIRTUAL WORLDS is an international competition for narrative VR, curated by Astrid Kahmke, creative director of the Bavarian Film Centre. As part of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, a selection of some of the most innovative and important international VR experiences will be on display at the Isarforum from July 2 to 4, 2019. Judging the competition will be Myriam Achard (curator at the Virtual Reality Phi Center in Montreal), Colum Slevin (head of media for AR/VR experiences at Facebook, San Francisco), and Chloé Jarry (founder and CEO of Lucidrealities Studio, Paris).

France as this year's guest of honor is represented by numerous VR experiences and artists. In addition, VIRTUAL WORLDS is presenting the first retrospective of works by multiple award-winning Montreal studio Felix&Paul. The VR artists and producers will be present.


The installations GLOOMY EYES and -22,7°C


Professional Day

Within the context of VIRTUAL WORLDS, a Professional Day will be held at the Gasteig on July 3, with presentations and an exclusive B2B event for VR projects under development and numerous international decision-makers. On Thursday, July 4 at 8:30 p.m., an award ceremony will take place, and following it, the Ampere/Muffatwerk will host "The (un)real virtual party night - Virtual Worlds clubbing by Epic Games" (admission is free).

Find the complete program here and additional information at Please book a time slot (free of charge!) for all the VR Experiences here: The VIRTUAL WORLDS exhibition takes place at the Isarforum, Ludwigsbrücke, 80538 Munich and will be open for the public:

2nd of July:  01:00 pm - 09:00 pm

3rd of July:  10:00 am - 09:00 pm

4th of July: 10:00 am - 07:00 pm



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