Friday, 7/5/2019

Virtual Worlds - The winners


Virtual Worlds - The winners

Curator Astrid Kahmke hosts the Award Ceremony of the section VIRTUAL WORLDS

The Munich Deer has its first winners: Nicolas Champeaux and Gilles Porte with their experience ACCUSED #2: WALTER SISULU and Balthazar Auxietre and Alexis Moroz with A FISHERMAN’S TALE are taking the awards of the Filmfest’s new Virtual Worlds section home to France. The jury, consisting of Myriam Achard of Phi Centre Montréal, Chloé Jarry of Lucid Realities Studio Paris and Facebook’s Colum Slevin, selected the 360° film about Nelson Mandela’s mentor Walter Sisulu as the best linear experience on Thursday night at Munich’s Ampere. A FISHERMAN’S TALE was awarded two prizes, as best interactive experience and generally as best immersive piece of work.

ACCUSED #2: WALTER SISULU is based on audio recordings of the so-called Rivonia trial against members of the African National Congress, in which Nelson Mandela and his fellow campaigners were sentenced to life imprisonment. Since there are no video recordings of the trial, the experience illustrates it with the help of rough black and white animated sketches by Oerd Van Cuijlenborg. The user is placed right in the middle of the cross-examination. The jury called the French-German coproduction a piece that “has profound historical relevance, makes outstanding use of historical archival audio, demonstrates exemplary artistic expression and most importantly succeeds in evoking a sense of character, time and place that could only be achieved through the medium of virtual reality.” The creators of the experience were already back in France when they received the news about their award and thanked the jury via a video statement.


The VR puzzle A FISHERMAN’S TALE received to awards. It tells the story of a man who lives all alone by himself in a lighthouse. This story plays with the perception of dimensions. The jury states: “For best interactive experience and overall immersive work, we have selected a winner that we believe makes outstanding use of scale, has sophisticated environmental design, a cohesive sense of narrative, is executed with a high degree of polish and confidence, but most of all evokes a sense of fun and childlike joy”. Creator Balthazar Auxietre adds: “This award is a huge gift which motivates us to keep on working.”

During the award ceremony, the VIRTUAL WORLDS curator Astrid Kahmke (Bavarian Film Centre) thanked her “family” aka the VR community, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, the partners and guests from Québec and France, the sponsor of the award Epic Games and Unreal Engine as well as the team of the Bavarian Film Centre and the jury.

Jury member Colum Slevin, Virtual Worlds curator Astrid Kahmke, Jury member Myriam Achard, Festival Director Diana Iljine, Jury member Chloé Jarry, Artistic Director Christoph Gröner

A total of 21 VR experiences participated in the competition. For three days, vistors had the chance to visit the exhibition at the Isarforum. More than 3,000 slots were booked. On the second day of VIRTUAL WORLDS, experts and decision makers had the chance to exchange their ideas at the B2B market as well as present their thoughts and knowledge to the public at the Professional Day. The first edition of VIRTUAL WORLDS ended with a vibrant party and a live performance of the Australian VR artists Stuart “Sutu” Campbell at Munich’s Ampere.

Benedikt Frank