Monday, 3/23/2020

Corona pandemic measures

In these challenging times, it is very important to us at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN to stay in close contact with the industry, our partners and the people of Munich.
As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to shake the world and brings about changes in our lives almost every hour, the health and safety of our employees and our partners has been and remains our top priority. We have therefore taken the necessary measures to ensure that we can continue to perform our business tasks in a safe environment.
All our employees are now working from their home offices. We all have access to our e-mails, but we ask for your understanding if in one case or another there are delays in answering enquiries due to the new and unfamiliar situation.
We are cancelling personal meetings for the near future and will use the possibilities offered by digital infrastructures.
It is now more important than ever for the industry to stay connected and work together so that together we can overcome this global crisis. Our goal is to make our contribution to this.
If you have any questions, please contact us at any time by e-mail.
Our best wishes and stay healthy!

Yours Diana Iljine (festival director), Eva Knitterscheidt (commercial management) and Evelyn Voigt-Müller (communications)