Monday, 6/29/2020

The FILMFEST MÜNCHEN POP-UP trailer is here!

Thanks to Baby Giant Hollyberg & Rotorfilm

A blue ball pops up on the screen, bounces back and forth like it’s made of rubber, and flies off into the colorful world of cinema. Finally, it lands next to the logo of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN and shows: POP-UP.

That’s our trailer for this summer of open-air viewing pleasure. What this little ball, this little idea, can accomplish is something we will experience live at the movies starting on July 15. First, though, we’d like to thank the brilliant team that has put together such a fitting and exciting trailer in such a short time.

The two companies involved in this project, Baby Giant Hollyberg and Rotorfilm from Potsdam, have been making trailers for FILMFEST MÜNCHEN for quite a while. Every year, they offer us a surprise — be it flowing colors or our logo made of floating blocks of ice.

Baby Giant Hollyberg is an international company that focuses on storytelling, animation, and visual effects. For our trailer, they came up with the imagery, which for the pop-up project places Munich, the summer, and filmmaking in the foreground.

With the images ready, the sound could be added. This year, we are pleased that the team at Rotorfilm included recent recipients of the German Film Award — sound mixer Gregor Bonse was honored for best sound design for the film SYSTEMSPRENGER. Working with sound designer Martin Frühmorgen and his team, he gave our FILMFEST MÜNCHEN POP-UP trailer its cool sound.

We think the trailer is awesome, offer our thanks once again, and look forward to seeing it on the big screen for the first time on July 15, under the open sky at the event introducing IN BERLIN WÄCHST KEIN ORANGENBAUM. Arrange a car, buy a ticket, and be there! All the films can be found here.