Monday, 7/6/2020

Open Air, part 1

The venues of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN POP-UP: PopUp Autokino München

Open Air, part 1

PopUp Autokino at dusk

FILMFEST MÜNCHEN POP-UP would not be possible without the partners who have made their wonderful outdoor cinemas available. We are delighted that PopUp Autokino München and Kino am Olympiasee have welcomed us and that together we have been able to get this brand-new project off the ground.


PopUp Autokino München is the first drive-in theater in the middle of town! On the parking lot of the Zenith event hall, alumni and students of the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) have launched this privately funded project with support from M-net and have thus managed to bring the spectacle of the big screen back into the city in the age of the coronavirus. Their well-curated program is making it possible to once again enjoy shared experiences, despite there being a few car doors in between. It’s the perfect place for that special festival spirit that is an essential part of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN POP-UP.


The PopUp Autokino team


Simon Pirron, one of the organizers of PopUp Autokino, has taken the time to answer five questions and describe the project:


  1. What’s special to you about open-air cinema?

SP: Watching the sun set while being eager for the movie to start. That feeling is one of a kind. At last, the drive-in is enveloped in natural darkness — the very best conditions for watching a film!


  1. How did the idea for PopUp Autokino come about?

SP: The great lockdown had just been announced and we were seriously wondering: How could the enjoyment of going to the movies continue to be possible? By putting glass coverings over the seats in conventional theaters? That’s when it hit us: a drive-in theater!


  1. How often do you check the weather app when you run an outdoor cinema?

SP: Often, very often. At the same time, we maintain close contact with a meteorologist from the German Weather Service whenever the weather looks bad. Even though weather warning apps have gotten very good, it’s his professional assessment and expertise that help us to rest easier.


  1. What are you most looking forward to in working with us?

SP: That we can lend films the atmosphere of a premiere. That together with you, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, we can come up with ideas and carry them out as equals, even in these crazy times. And that we can spread these ideas from within the Munich film industry to all of Germany. We are looking forward to the sunset-premiere-Red CARpet atmosphere on the property and hopefully to lots of people attending and following through with this experiment.


  1. What snack can’t you do without at the movies?

SP: Popcorn. What would the movies be without popcorn? Pro tip: mix sweet and salty popcorn. Definitely try it out! It’s as amazing as salty caramel or honey-nut. We’ll be happy to give you a big, empty popcorn bag for it.


A refreshing cocktail from the newly opened Sausalitos Bar goes well with the delicious popcorn. And now, you can also enjoy these drinks if you don't have a car, because there are new seats in deckchairs available at the drive-in cinema! So come to our world premieres at PopUp Autokino. You’ll find the complete drive-in program of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN POP-UP here!