Friday, 8/21/2020

Danish humor meets the American West

Ulrich Thomsen presents GUTTERBEE in Munich

Danish humor meets the American West

Director Ulrich Thomsen and his main actor Antony Starr in action

FILMFEST MÜNCHEN POP-UP is coming to a close. We have celebrated a number of magnificent world premieres of German films, and now to round things off we have invited the film GUTTERBEE, an international satire about Bavarian sausages in the American West. This wacky idea came from Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen, who wrote the script and directed the film himself. He’ll be coming to Munich to attend its German premiere at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN POP-UP.


After training to be an actor and thriving on the theater stage in Copenhagen, Thomsen had his international breakthrough as the character Christian in Thomas Vinterberg’s THE CELEBRATION in 1998. That same year, Thomsen appeared in ELECTION NIGHT by Anders Thomas Jensen, which received the Oscar for best short film in 1999. Major international productions followed. In the James Bond film THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, Thomsen played the villain’s henchman, while in Ridley Scott's KINGDOM OF HEAVEN he portrayed a Knight Templar. Since Thomsen speaks German fluently, he has also been able to appear in German productions such as MOSTLY MARTHA. For Tom Tykwer he again slipped into the role of a villain in the thriller THE INTERNATIONAL.

In addition to playing such popular roles, the actor has also been able to convince the critics of his abilities time and again, such as with his role as a soldier named Michael in Susanne Bier’s BROTHERS, for which he was awarded the Silver Shell for best actor at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Thomsen has also been a frequent guest at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. In 2007 we screened the Hungarian film OPIUM: DIARY OF A MADWOMAN and in 2010 the German production DAS LETZTE SCHWEIGEN by Baran bo Odar.

The tall, blond Dane has also appeared in numerous television productions, such as THE NEW POPE. In the series BANSHEE, which was also screened at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in 2013, he played Kai Proctor, the antagonist. On the set, he met New Zealand actor Antony Starr, whom he was able to enlist to play the lead in GUTTERBEE.

Ewen Bremner as Bavarian Schuhplatteln pro

Antony Starr, who was last seen as the wacky “Superman” character Homelander in the hit series THE BOYS, takes on the role of Mike in GUTTERBEE. Mike has just been released from prison and wants to get his life in order. Most of all, he no longer wants to work for Jimmy Jerry Lee Jones, Jr., who hates foreigners and believes that the little town of Gutterbee belongs entirely to him. At the moment, it’s Edward Hofler from Germany who’s a thorn in Jones’s side. Edward has bought the local church and wants to turn it into a restaurant. As if that weren't bad enough, he wants to turn it into a Bavarian sausage joint. Mike takes Edward’s side, and a crazy and dark satire about small-town thinking and racism takes its course. Scottish actor Ewen Bremner, known as Spud from TRAINSPOTTING, gives his all as Edward the Bavarian, especially when it comes to Schuhplatteln.

This is a film that should definitely be enjoyed on the big screen, because cameraman Anthony Dod Mantle, who was awarded an Oscar for his work on SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, has captured the little town of Gutterbee with all its peculiarities in a visually perfect way.

Ulrich Thomsen put a lot of research into this whole wacky story. All the incredible sausage facts in the film are true. If that’s not a reason to ask the director a few questions about them! You can do that on August 26 at PopUp Autokino München, where he will appear in person. The FILMFEST MÜNCHEN POP-UP team is really looking forward to it.

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