Awards & Winners

Cinema Awards by the City of Munich

The City of Munich's Kinoprogrammpreise or Cinema Awards, established in 2002, will be presented at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2019 for the first time. Each year, six awards, worth 7,500 euros each, recognize smaller committed cinemas in order to accentuate their important role in maintaining Munich's diverse cinema culture. Recognition is given to the efforts by the cinema operators to offer a substantial and diverse program of films. This award is intended to create awareness and recognition of the artistic and sociocultural value of these programs. The prize money serves to assist the award recipients in carrying out and maintaining their high-quality operations and to safeguard the future of these cinemas.

Cinema Awards 2020

As the award ceremony 2020 can not take place during the Filmfest, there will be a new date announced soon.


Holger Trapp & Bruno Börger for the City-Atelier Kinos
Markus Eisele & Christian Pfeil for the Monopol Kino
Anne Harder for the Neues Maxim
Thomas Wilhelm for the Neues Rottmann Kino
Louis Anschütz & Hermine Bek for the Studio Isabella
Marlies Kirchner for the Theatiner Film


Previous Winners



Thomas Kuchenreuther for the ABC Kino
Markus Eisele and Christian Pfeil for the Arena Filmtheater
Fritz and Christoph Pressmar for the Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor
Thomas Wilhelm for the Neues Rex Filmtheater
Elisabeth Kuonen-Reich (†) for the Rio Filmpalast
Wolfgang Bihlmeir, Bernd Brehmer, Doris Kuhn, and Erich Wagner for the Werkstattkino