Freundeskreis Filmfest München e.V.

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The Freundeskreis Filmfest München e.V. is a registered non-profit organization that promotes Munich as a film location and supports the local festival scene. The Freundeskreis also aims to express its love and passion for cinema through financial support and in this way share the experience of cinema with as many movie fans as possible. After all, it is the shared experience that makes going to the movies so special: that moment when the lights go down and it gets quiet in the theater, when all eyes are focused on the screen, when everyone laughs, cries, and is on the edge of their seats with excitement. That’s why the Freundeskreis Filmfest München looks forward to welcoming new members in the future.


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We all love the movies. This unites us and makes us friends with a shared pastime. For years we’ve been able to be a small but important part of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in the summer and FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH in the autumn, and that makes us rather proud!