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Wildcorn are big fans of snacks and are constantly in search of new flavors and snack experiences. However, they had all too often been disappointed by what they had found on supermarket shelves, which are brimming, but with bland, unhealthy, and not very sustainable snacks. Thus the idea was born to just do their own thing and found Wildcorn in 2016 in order to revolutionize the snack world. The company's standards of quality, environmental protection, and conservation of resources are high, and this is reflected in the production of the Wildcorn snacks. Passion, humor, and idealism unite the whole team and form the basis of Wildcorn’s success.


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Finally, cinema and relaxing evenings outside your own four walls are possible again. But what is still missing? Popcorn, of course! Wildcorn will be part of FILMFEST MÜNCHEN again this year, providing the necessary munchies for the perfect screening.

So get your popcorn ready, start snacking and enjoy the film!