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Located in the heart of Munich’s arts district, the Kunstareal, the Amerikahaus is dedicated to cooperation and exchange with the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Its doors are open to everyone. Its varied program of events, including readings, exhibitions, and film screenings, is a permanent fixture of Munich’s arts and culture scene. The building on Karolinenplatz, a historic landmark, was erected after World War II as a symbol of Munich’s democratic rebirth. The institution’s main objective was to advance the democratization of German society along the American model. The complete spectrum of American culture, politics, and society was to be presented, even in a critical way. The Amerikahaus thus became one of the most active cultural institutions of the United States in all of Europe and is today the largest institution in Germany dedicated to fostering transatlantic relations.


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Many people encounter American culture for the first time in films. But this is not the only reason why the Amerikahaus feels an affinity to FILMFEST MÜNCHEN as a partner. The Amerikahaus stands for cultural exchange, tolerance, cosmopolitanism, and diversity — values that FILMFEST MÜNCHEN also represents and embodies.